Skyforge - Week in Review [December 14th]

Here's your chance to catch up on all the latest Skyforge reveals from last week, including our 3D panorama reveal of the open world zone Naori Island and the latest Aelion's Treasure mini-game winners. As a reminder, don't forget to check out the latest art from the Skyforge team and members of the community!

Naori Island Panoramic Preview

Take a scenic tour of Skyforge's latest open world zone, Naori Island. Once a tropical resort found on Aelion, Naori Island was peaceful place where people came to rest from battles and the mundane concerns of their day-to-day life.


Aelion's Treasure - Week Two Leaderboard Winners Announced!

Week two of the Skyforge Aelion’s Trasure mini-game has just concluded and we now have second batch of leaderboard winners and another lucky video card recipient! Find out who won!


Concept Art - Scythe

Designed to sow death and despair, those who choose to wield this scythe do so while embracing the forces of dark magic.


Fan Art of the Week

This week's awesome fan-art comes from community member WildWiolet, with his vision of what one type of hostile creature could look like in Skyforge!


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