Skyforge - Week in Review [February 22nd]

Last week we debuted the first in a series of Skyforge livestreams and outlined our plans for the upcoming Closed Beta Test! Here’s a look at all the exciting Skyforge reveals over the past week:

Skyforge Livestream #1: Sweeping the Power Facility with the Gunner!


Our first in-house Skyforge developer livestream saw the team take viewers through the basic mechanics behind Skyforge's Divine Observatory, Ascension Atlas and Gunner class before traveling to the Mechanoid inhabited Power Facility!

You can find the full replay below:

Welcome to the Pantheon!

In our latest feature reveal we explained how players can expect to navigate their social space thanks to player-run Pantheons, which open new opportunities to progress your character in Skyforge and pave the way for Pantheon wars!

skyforge Guilds

Skyforge Producer's Letter: Transitioning to Closed Beta

Skyforge's Development Director Eric Demilt is back with a look at what's been going on behind-the-scenes in preparation for the upcoming Closed Beta!


TGN10: Top 10 Features in Skyforge

The team over at TGN came up with their top 10 features they can’t wait to experience in Skyforge! What features are you most excited for?

Fan Art of the Week

Although the Cryomancer may be cold, this one from community member Nyaa warms our hearts! We hope to see more Chibi Immortals from Nyaa in the future!


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