Skyforge - Week in Review [February 8th]

Last week, we took you on a panoramic tour of the ancient Alakur Island and unveiled the winning Skyforge T-Shirt designs created by the community. Here’s a look at what other news we've released, including the latest concept art and our Skyforge Valentine's Day contest!

Alakur Island Panoramic Preview

Take a panoramic tour of the mysterious Alakur Island. Alakur was once home to one of the most beautiful temples in all of Aelion, the Temple of Ianna. Since then, the island has been overrun by the plant-like carnivorous Phytonides who've seized the land and flooded the island, leaving the temple in ruins.

Alakur Plant

T-Shirt Design Contest - The Winners!

We recently wrapped up our Skyforge community T-Shirt contest and have announced the 10 winning entries! Check out a couple of the winning entries below:





Concept Art – The Khelp

A disruptive sea creature, the Khelp is capable of disorientating it's enemies by emitting a deafening screech. Those caught within earshot are left temporarily helpless and vulnerable to attack.


Valentine's Day Card Community Contest

We've challenged the community to create a Skyforge themed Valentine's Day Card! The creators of the ten best cards, as judged by the Skyforge team, will win not only a beta access for themselves but also beta access for their special Valentine! Here's just a few of the many amazing entries we've received from the community so far:







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