Skyforge - Week in Review [January 25th]

Welcome back to the first Skyforge Week in Review of 2015! Here’s a quick look at some of the major Skyforge news you may have missed, including our Gunner class reveal, T-Shirt contest and more! As a reminder, don't forget to check out our latest Dev Q/A entry and Skyforge community fan-art!

Gunner Class Revealed!
As a long ranged fighter, the Gunner is capable of raining fiery destruction down upon their enemies from afar thanks to their transforming cannon. Learn how the Gunner is capable of adapting their weaponry to suit any situation in our Gunner Class Trailer!

Skyforge T-Shirt Design Contest

We’re offering the community an opportunity to flex their creativity by designing an official Skyforge t-shirt! The winner will receive a t-shirt featuring their design and the top 10 designers will also be rewarded with beta access!


Skyforge Developer Diary Volume II: Combat System

In volume II of our Skyforge dev diaries we go behind-the-scenes with the Allods Team devs and discuss the various challenges faced when designing the game's action-based combat system.

Weekly Developer Q/A: Support Abilities

In this week's Dev Q/A we responded to player questions regarding support abilities in Skyforge!


Vote for Skyforge in the MMOSite 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards!

Skyforge has been nominated for two awards during MMOSite’s 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards! Join us in voting for Skyforge as MMOSite’s Most Anticipated and Favorite MMORPG of 2015!


Fan Art of the Week

This week's striking fan-art is brought to us by community member Viera!


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