Skyforge - Week in Review [November 4th]

This past week offered viewers plenty of visual treats to enjoy. From our newly announced Photoshop beta key contest to the community's jaw dropping fan art and the creative winning entries of the community comic contest, artwork dominated the news last week:

Create a Comic" Community Contest Winners!

Our Skyforge “Create a Comic” Community Contest has come to a close and we narrowed down the over 100 entries to our final 15 winners! Check out the winning entries.

Comic Contest Winners

Skyforge Concept Art - Triffids

While Skyforge has plenty of opportunities for you to stop and smell the roses, the Triffid is one flower that will make you wish you didn't.


Skyforge “Photoshop” Community Contest!

Bust out the Photoshop, because we’re back with another creative giveaway competition! Participants can pose Skyforge character cutouts in a background scene of their choosing and submit them for a chance at scoring a closed beta invite!

Photoshop Contest

Fan Art of the Week

Take a look at this stunning piece of fan art from Skyforge community member and digital artist MirageMari!


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