Skyforge Year in Review 2015 – Open Beta

Skyforge came a long way over the course of 8 months of Public testing, consisting of a Technical Beta in late 2014 followed by four Closed Betas throughout early 2015. Each one saw noticeable improvement in visuals, performance, controls, and content itself. While it is quite common for things to change during a game’s development, many Adventures as you know them today barely resemble their past versions both cosmetically and mechanically. It was with these tests and improvements made based on community feedback we were capable of finally making the preparations for Skyforge’s public release, otherwise known as Open Beta.

Stress Test

For our players, the initial taste arrived in the form of our call to Join the Skyforge Stress Test on July 7th. Over a 24-hour period, thousands of players flooded our server putting them through their paces. With a successfully stress test out of the way, we were on track to kick-off Early Access just two days later on July 9th. Every Founder’s Pack owner was finally able to access Skyforge, with their progress being permanently saved – Needless to say everyone involved was quite excited. Within just 2 days, we began seeing our experienced Closed Beta players unlock their first classes beyond the initial starters. The rest of the player base caught up by the end of the week, with those that didn’t purely focus on a new class catching up within the next week.

Open Beta

Early Access came to a close a week later, officially transitioning Skyforge into Open Beta on July 16th. The gates were finally open and all players were welcome with open arms! Despite the successful Stress Test, we were still not fully prepared for Skyforge’s popularity and had some server issues that began to spring up as more and more players began connecting over the next week. It’s a good problem to have, but is not one that can go unfixed – A major upgrade to the servers was performed to fix and help control this problem as the population continued to rise. Everyone on the Skyforge Team was more than thrilled to see their hard work over the game’s entire development start out with such a bang. This excitement, despite still ongoing today, cumulated with Skyforge’s very first major content update – Crucible of the Gods.

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