Skyforge’s Transition into a Turn-Based Strategy MMO!

As a new MMO, Skyforge has been critically acclaimed for many of its features, its presentation, visuals, and most importantly its combat. However, seeing as Skyforge is still very much in development, it’s common to have certain game functions change over time, ranging from minor mechanical changes to complete gameplay alterations. With this in mind, it has been decided that Skyforge will be, by no later than September 2016, transitioning back to its original pre-alpha design of a Turn-Based Strategy MMO!

Players may be concerned about this change so we're here to provide a very brief preview of things to come.

Keep in mind that while we have prepared a generous release schedule, this is very much a work in progress and any information here may not be an accurate representation of the final product – including, but not limited to, the provided ETA.

Skyforge Turn-Based Strategy 1

The largest overhaul will affect the combat system. The Skyforge team unanimously agreed that turn-based was the right direction for an MMO. Turn-based... with a twist! Our innovative QTE (Quick Time Events) system will add a layer of strategy and make the game more social. How will all of this play out?

Battles will start automatically upon sighting an enemy, with all players in range able to take one action per turn. Most skills will remain functionality identical, with cooldowns requiring turns instead of time. Should a player land a critical hit, a QTE will appear to surrounding allies: Pressing GG grants a bonus to the skill being used, while typing QQ or BOO will end the player's turn prematurely, cancelling the critical strike.

The possibilities with this new QTE system are endless and are sure to encourage cooperation between players!

This overhaul also results in an extremely satisfying visual experience. While players will be patiently waiting for everyone else to take their turn, they will get to view skills from a much more cinematic angle, showing details not as easily noticed during the hectic nature of the current system.

Skyforge Turn-Based Strategy

Skyforge is a labour of love for everyone on both the Allods team &, and these changes will get the game going in the right direction. When available, this update will run as a separate client for the purposes of ironing out any bugs, problems, or needed balance changes before being merged together. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next article which will give insight into the upcoming and much anticipated goat system!

UPDATE: We hope everyone had a wonderful April 1st!