Special Offer: 100% Bonus for Pantheon Donation - 03/01/2017

A Pantheon lives through its members and your contributions as a member help to boost your Pantheon’s strength, which in turn also has great impact on your character’s might! If you were looking for a chance to go above and beyond the call of duty for your Pantheon, and waiting for a good opportunity to spend those last Argents that you still have sitting in your account, then this is the best opportunity.

From March 1st to March 5th 10:00 CET you will receive 100% Bonus Credits for your Argent donations. And there’s more! Every Argent donated during the offer will additionally bolster your Pantheon’s account with the same amount of Construction Resources.


Example: If you donate 10,000 Argents to your Pantheon during the offer timeframe, your Pantheon will receive the regular 1.5 million Credits, plus 100% bonus credits, resulting in an overall amount of 3 million Credits. Additionally your Pantheon will receive 10,000 Construction Resources, one for every Argent spent.

Skyforge Bonus Argents

To benefit from the offer simply open the donation interface in the game, and choose to donate Argents to your Pantheon within the offer timeframe. The additional Credits will then automatically and instantly be transferred to your Pantheon’s account, as will be the Construction Resources.

This offer does not apply to Credit donations!
The offer will end on March 5th 10:00 CET.