[SWITCH] Pathfinder Packs

It is an exciting day for Aelinites and explorers alike as the moon Thea becomes a reality for Immortals and travelers. Broaden your horizons, gather new materials, face new challenges, and do it stylishly with the Space Traveler and Space Technology Packs on Nintendo eShop.

From now until May 6, you can purchase from Nintendo eShop, the Space Traveler Pack and get the Space Suit, 21 days of Premium time, 20 Stimulants, and you can become a Credits millionaire! If you’re more speed over style, then the Space Technologies Pack contains the Pathfinder Experimental Transport mount that grants you great traversal abilities while swiftly battling your way through dungeons and mobs of enemies. You’ll also get 7,500 Knowledge of Enemies and 5,000 Victor’s Medals.

Pack Content
1 Space Traveler Pack • Space Suit

• Premium subscription (21 days)

• 1,000,000 Credits

• 20 Stimulants
2 Space Technologies Pack • Pathfinder Experimental Transport

• 7,500 Knowledge of Enemies

• 5,000 Victor’s Medals