[SWITCH] Promotion: Mr. Goro’s Circus

Mr. Goro's Circus was a unique phenomenon for Aelion, and so was Mr. Goro himself! There were rumours that he came from an ancient lineage of legendary mountain giants, though Goro, being a man of few words, never commented on this. However, the man towered over most mortals and Immortals at over two meters tall, and he was in the business of mystery and liked to maintain the illusion.

There was a time when people avoided Goro because of his strange appearance, but one day, he decided he would surround himself with others like himself, and he eventually found his place in society. His small group of companions eventually began to call themselves Mr. Goro's Circus, and they toured Aelion and performed to keep people’s spirits high even during the world's most difficult days.

Recently, however, the Circus’ touring route has suspiciously coincided with a spate of mysterious deaths. Ianna cannot ignore this, and has asked your Adepts to investigate. Look into Mr. Goro’s Circus in a new Promotion, active from now until December 8 on Nintendo Switch!, to unlock special rewards like a Sunny Prism Artifact and Tournament Armor (new variant)!





To take part in the Mr. Goro’s Circus Promotion, open the Event interface (access the Order menu on Nintendo Switch).