Tol-Monter’s Wrath Pack

Tol-Monter is angry and he and his Oceanid army are invading our beautiful home planet Aelion. It is time to show them what Aelions Immortals and Gods are made of!


The Wrath of Tol-Monter pack is providing you with a very effective weapon against the Oceanids – their own technology! Grab the brand new legendary Oceanid Monk staff and the legendary Alchemist manipulators and drive the invaders back to their home world.

The following content will await you in the pack:

  • Legendary Alchemist manipulators
  • Legendary Monk staff
  • 21 days of Premium subscription
  • 3,000 Victor’s Medals
  • 10,000 Argents


The pack will be available from today until January 3rd!