Trophy Hunter Packs!

Gods protect Aelion from all kind of monsters, but some are more disliked than others. And who do you hate most? The cold Oceanids or the disgusting Reapers?

With the Trophy Hunter pack, you will instantly feel like a legendary monster fighter, and get game currency at a huge discount too!
From December 9th to December 30th, you will have a chance at obtaining Trophy Hunter packs this holiday season!


Difficult choice? So why don't you get both? All the benefits from the "Trophy Hunters" are waiting for you! By purchasing it, you not only get both sets immediately, but you will save more than 50% on in-game values! Don't miss this offer!


To view the complete details or to purchase the Trophy Packs, visit our dedicated trophy packs page!

The Trophy Hunter Packs will be available until December 30th!