Upcoming changes to the equipment system

Dear friends!

In the next invasion, the equipment system will undergo several major changes. In this article, we will talk about what exactly we plan to do and what will be affected.

We expect that it will allow us to get rid of unnecessarily large numbers in the interfaces, so it will be easier to understand how efficiently the equipment works and beginning players will have a better sense of progress.

Changes in the Prestige system

Prestige is replaced by Rank. The current rank value will directly affect character’s damage.

  • In a battle against a lower ranked opponent, damage and defense will be increased by 1% for every excess rank.
  • In a battle with a higher ranked enemy, damage and defense will be reduced by 10% for each missing rank.

The character’s rank will consist of two indicators - the Basic rank and Seasonal rank.

Basic rank depends on the already existing attribute - Might. It should be noted that its numerical indicators will be reduced 10 times relative to current indicators. The changes will affect the Tower of Knowledge, Cathedral, Bastions, Hall of Trophies, and Pantheon bonus. Basic rank is a static value, like the old Prestige. Its value can only go up, which gives the player access to new content.

Seasonal rank depends on the new stat, Superiority, which will replace Combat Superiority from Flavius’s Laboratory. There are several important differences between them:

  • Superiority is not measured in percentage, and its maximum value increases each season.
  • In Flavius’s Laboratory, just like Combat Superiority, the value of the new stat can be increased twice a day. However, it can be done only by taking out a special troop in invasion adventures. This opportunity will be available to all players regardless of their laboratory’s development level.

Seasonal rank, in contrast to the Basic one, is a dynamic value. Each season, the value of Superiority accumulated in Flavius’s Laboratory is set to zero, and its amount required to get one Seasonal rank increases.


Changes to equipment, bonuses, and relics

Equipment will no longer have damage and health modifiers. The reason for dropping them is that they were not directly involved in the character’s “build” and looked strange to new players (“+0.45 to critical damage modifier”). At high Prestige ranks, they were also the main cause of huge numbers in the interface.

Please note that we are talking about the highest numeric indicator. The main and secondary properties of items will remain the same. You can still change them depending on the chosen “build”. Integrity indicator is not going anywhere.

Old modifiers will be replaced with the Might and Superiority values.


Modifiers on adepts' relics are replaced with a bonus Might value. This value will be measured in percentages. For example, a relic that previously had a Critical Damage Modifier will now increase bonus damage by a certain percentage.


Modifiers will disappear from the bonuses provided by class seals in the Cathedral, the percentage value of the bonuses will also increase.



Will the difference in ranks affect the damage of characters in PvP modes with scaling?
No, the values of Might and Superiority will be equal for all characters.

Does bonus Superiority disappear from equipment at the start of a new season?
No, Superiority on gear remains. However, it is recalculated in the new season, because the amount of Superiority required to obtain each Seasonal Rank increases with every season.

Will my Might and Superiority indicators decrease if I take a piece of equipment off my character?
Yes. This will change the value of the Seasonal Rank, but the value of the Basic rank will remain unchanged.

Please note that the screenshots in the article do not show the final values of the stats and may change when the update is released.