War Eternal – Pantheon Wars Season 2

Exciting news – the Pantheon Wars will return alongside the War Eternal update on December 3rd! Seeing as the activities will kick off the weekend following the update, it’s important to make sure everyone’s introduced to the basics and what’s different from the first season.

Be aware that this is intended as a brief overview of various aspects of the Pantheon War Season. A complete guide will be made available in the near future.


What is a Pantheon War Season?

Pantheon War Seasons are the main competitive event for any Pantheon, during which the owners of the magnificent Celestial Temples are determined! To win the tournaments, you need players with a wide variety of skills in both PvE and PvP. Any member of the game community, regardless of preference, can have an impact on the season’s outcome. The aim of each season is a major project, which every Pantheon strives to participate in. The most successful Pantheons will forever mark their names down in the history of Aelion and even determine future opportunities for all players on the server!

The titular Pantheon Wars themselves are large scale battles consisting of several parallel PvE and PvP battles, taking place every 2 weeks. Any Pantheon can participate (pending the requirements below), but the number of territories is limited to two leagues: Gold (8 Pantheons) and Silver (20 Pantheons).

Pantheons fight to possess special territories – Temples. Pantheons will either defend their territory and/or try to seize others. The battles themselves consist of three PvP Battles (15v15 where two teams capture points, 10v10 Capture the Flag, and 15v15 King of the Hill). Winning a Pantheon War requires you to win all 3 PvP Battles, otherwise the scores are used to determine the winner. Success in the PvE portion (3 activities, consisting of 10 players each), affects the Pantheon War’s end reward multiplier.

Of course, you do not need to send a full team to take part in any battles nor do you need to participate in every one of them if your Pantheon does not have enough available members. Of course, this has the potential to put you at a significant disadvantage.

Changes from the first season

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s start with a portion of the major aspects that have been removed or changed since the first season:

  • Qualifications (PvE & PvP) have been removed
  • Final Battle (30v30) has been removed
  • Tessa Battles have been removed
  • Frequency of Pantheon Wars increased (every 2 weeks)
  • Pantheon members required at the same time lowered to 70 (from 100)
  • Modules that affect various aspects of the wars have been removed.

These are not the only changes of course, but they are some of the largest!


Participation Requirements

In order to participate in the Pantheon Wars, a Pantheon and its members must meet the following:

  • Pantheon Rank 5
  • 70 Members
  • Vindicator Title (Applied by Commanders. Members with a Vindicator title will receive personal Argent rewards)


The Pantheon War Tournament consists of 4 stages which operate on eight (8) two-week cycles.

Stage Description
Bidding/Auction Stage Players bid on different territories and determine if they will attack or defend (Saturday).
Battle Stage Attacking and Defending Pantheons fight in 3 stages, with some downtime between each battle. The times for these battles are set in advance so players know who and when they will attack or defend.
Voting Stage Winning Pantheons vote and decide what to do with the territory they won (Capture, Plunder, Burn).
Empty Territory Bidding Players bid on the now Burned territories and new Pantheons can get into the action

Bidding on Empty Territories:

  • Only Pantheons without territories can bid.
  • Can only bid for territories without owners.
  • PvE difficulty scale will be maxed for these territories due to lack of PvP if it is empty.
  • If the territory was pillaged, smaller rewards are received.


Military Doctrine

This time around, as the season progresses, Pantheons can select one of two modifiers which will impact the amount of Primary Energy received. The War Doctrine cannot be changed during an active Pantheon War, or more than once every 24 hours. Additionally, all Pantheon War participants will know which doctrine you have chosen.

  • Diversion – Offensive doctrine allowing a victor to Burn a certain amount of the defeated Pantheon’s total Primary Energy.
  • Capitalization - Defensive doctrine that allows a Pantheon to gain additional energy based on the amount you possess.


Rewards for the Pantheon War Season are split into a few categories. Individual Pantheon Wars will award Argents (to those with Vindicator Title), Construction Resources, and Primary Energy. At the end of the entire season, along with various rewards that depend on your Pantheon’s progress during the tournament, Vindicators have a possibility to receive a special costume or transport!

Of course, each Pantheon Season revolves around completing important objectives that completely change Aelion! The first season tasked Pantheons with bringing to life a colossal Aelion Space Program project. Its success marked the launch of Hyperion, which continues to provide various bonuses to immortals. The second season focuses on preparing a military expedition to Thea (Aelion’s largest moon), where an extremely valuable resource has been detected!

What does this mean? It means a new area to explore! Following the tournament’s completion all players will be able to visit Thea! Additionally, the top 3 pantheons will reap the rewards of their efforts by choosing which classes can explore new talents before the others.