[Completed] Weekly Skyforge Server Maintenance - 06/08/2016

[Update] Maintenance has been completed! A new challenge awaits you: The bedazzling mistress of the Gorgonide army, the great goddess Akonita, has arrived on Aelion!

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Wednesday, June 8th at 1:00am PDT for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:

The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance & implement fixes.

Patch Notes

  • The Gorgonides are up to no good...
  • The quest "Improving Stones" has been removed to reflect the latest equipment changes.
  • The tips about Enhancement Stones no longer appear in the loading screen.
  • The companion abilities have been fixed:
    - Fixed the skill "Pick up" from the companion, that would sometimes fail with the message "You are busy."
    - Fixed the visuals of the companion so that the scan effect comes from its "eyes".
    - Fixed the "Revive" skill that would only appear after manually using a Temporal Compensator in a group (instead of being always available).
    - Fixed the comments from the companion in PvP - it was slightly too talkative!
  • The quest "Dead Air" from the Days of Glory event was still active for some players. It has been disabled.
  • Fixed the Gorgonide symbol "Dark Curator". However, you will need to change areas for its effects to become visible.
  • More work has been done to fix the chat, although we need the activity from thousands of players to confirm all is well. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Approx. ~3 hours

Affected Users
During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

While waiting, why not catch the latest news about Skyforge or chat with other players via the Aelinet!