[Completed] Weekly Skyforge Server Maintenance – 06/15/2017

UPDATE: Die Wartungsarbeiten sind abgeschlossen und die Server sind wieder online. Viel Spaß auf Aelion!

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Thursday, June 15th at 1:00am PDT for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance, fixes and localization tweaks.

Patch Notes

Distortion C4 Changes & Mechanoid Extension

We’ve noticed that the community has been working together to take down the C4 distortion but you’ve been having a tough time, finally we’ve been able to deliver the improved version!
Because of the change to the boss we are extending the mechanoid invasion another week to give the community another chance to battle against the ruthless Retharius Commander.
This means that the mechanoid invasion will continue until the 22nd of June. You can find all the changes to the boss below:

Rethiarius Commander

  • The Disintegration phase, in which the Champion breaks into multiple parts, now lasts longer.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the phase to end prematurely if all parts were destroyed.
  • Picking up sparks now takes a bit longer.

Stimulant Compensation

  • On the 18th of May 2017 attempts in the Tower of Knowledge and the Cathedral became cheaper. We will refund the difference to those who purchased attempts at the old price. You should have your compensation upon logging in.


  • Additional Localization added.


Approx. ~4 hours

Affected Users

During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

While waiting, why not catch the latest news about Skyforge or chat with other players via the Aelinet!