Wield Three New Legendary Weapons!

Take arms with a new trio of rugged, hard-hitting Legendary Weapons, each bundled with a Class Unlock and other goodies!

This collection was forged exclusively for the Berserker, Kinetic, and Firestarter classes. Grab a weapon, and go raise some hell!

Three new Legendary Weapon Packs are now available from the in-game store for 24,999 Argents each:

Molten Depths Pack Ignition Source Pack Celestial Hammer Pack
• Weapon: Ragnar, Deadly Heat

• Berserker Class Unlock

• 5,000 Victor’s Medals

• 25 Stimulants

• 1,000,000 Credits
• Weapon: Sulfur, Infernal Fire

• Firestarter Class Unlock

• 21 Days of Premium

• 25 Stimulants

• 25,000 Knowledge of Enemies
• Weapon: Enke, Scorching Comet

• Kinetic Class Unlock

• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 25 Stimulants

• 2,000,000 Credits

IMPORTANT: If you already own one of the classes that can be unlocked with the new Legendary Weapon Packs, you will not receive any compensation.

Legendary Weapon Abilities:

Ragnar, Deadly Heat Sulfur, Infernal Fire Enke, Scorching Comet
Bloodlust: When the Berserker kills enemies, they have Bloodlust applied to them which stacks up to 100 times. The stronger the enemy, the more stacks are applied upon their death. For each level of Bloodlust, the damage of Whirlwind and Firestorm is increased by 4%. Kindling: When the area of Burning Ground is hit by a boosted Fire Breath, its damage will be increased by 150% for the remaining duration of the ability. • Superbolide: Kinetic Pulse has a 7% chance to grant the Bright Bolide ability. At the end of its path, it deals 8 damage to all enemies within 7 yards and resets the cooldown of Bolide.

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!


This offer ends September 9, 2020.