Wield Two New Legendary Weapons!

Bring justice to Aelion with two Legendary Weapons for the Outlaw and Slayer classes! Wicked Touch and Lawless Weapon Packs are on sale in-game from June 30 until July 14 on PC and from July 1 until July 15 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Each Pack also contains a Class Unlock, with valuable currency and consumables to be found across each one:

Wicked Touch Pack
Lawless Pack

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• Class Unlock: Slayer

• Legendary Weapon: Alcor and Ida, Blades of Deceit

• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 30 Stimulants

• 2,000 Victor’s Medals
• Class Unlock: Outlaw

• Legendary Weapon: Fang and Kursa, Damned Servants

• 75 Eidos Replicators

• 30 Stimulants

• 1,500,000 Credits

Legendary Weapon Abilities

  • Alcor and Ida, Blades of Deceit (Slayer): Minefield is replaced by Hit and Run. Backstab and Swinging Chains apply Dark Concentration to the Slayer which stacks up to 20 times. Hit and Run deals damage to the target for each level of Dark Concentration. It also increases the Slayer's damage to this target by 4% for each level of this effect for 10 seconds.
  • Fang and Kursa, Damned Servants (Outlaw): The Quick and the Dead applies Cursed Bullet to the target. Rapid Shower detonates the effect, which causes the target to instantly take damage, and the Outlaw will deal 20% more damage to this target for 10 seconds.

Head to the ‘Pack’ section of the in-game Market to arm yourself with new classes and Legendary Weapons today!

IMPORTANT: All Legendary Weapons are available in each platform’s current generation: Generation 32 on PC, Generation 26 on PlayStation 4, and Generation 22 on Xbox One. These weapons do not include the bonus stats from the Endless Sale.

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