[XBOX] Promotion: Dance of Masks

Alcibiades is a god-tier (literally) organizer who has no equals when it comes to organizing events. His parties dominate the front pages of all newspapers in Aelion for days. Want a life-sized ice sculpture of a Kraken, or a photo with Ianna? Done.

His greatest pride is in his annual masquerade ball, the attendants being the cream of the crop of Aelion high society, both mortal and Immortal. The guest list is shrouded in secrecy until the day of the party, guests receiving their invitations that very morning. The unfortunate ones can only sigh resignedly and wait until next year.

This year, however, all is not going according to plan and Alcibiades is convinced that someone is trying to sabotage his well-laid plans. He asks your Adepts for help in this matter—but there is little time left!

From now until August 20 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, help Alcibiades in his planning to get two Legendary Jewelry Boxes as stand-out prizes, and who can go to a masquerade party without a Costume and Masks? Also included in the rewards are a ton of Knowledge of Enemies, Stimulants, Sparks, and Focuses of Faith.