[XBOX] Promotion: The Horror of the Dungeons

An ominous portal has opened up in the skies above Aelion, and there is overwhelming evidence it’s due to Auria—the ancient goddess of the Mantides. Having been hidden in caves and cavities on Aelion, the Mantides now emerge emboldened to subjugate the citizens of Aelion.

There are also unnerving rumors that some Aelionites have been struck with fear so great that they have chosen to side with the Mantides of their own free will. Herida refuses to believe it and has asked you and your Adepts to get to the bottom of what is happening.

From February 26 to March 12, you can earn a new Legendary Weapon—Auria’s Scythe—as well as a new costume (Sage/Traveler Robe, which you get depending on if you have one of these versions already) and a ton of in-game currencies and chests.





Divine weapon: Auria’s Scythe

Auria’s Scythe has 200 charges and three abilities:

  • Dissection: deals damage in an area, applying Matriarch’s Touch to the affected targets. It reduces movement speed by 30% and increases the damage of the next Dissection by 25% of the base value for each effect. Consumes 39 charges.
  • Harvest: you dash 20 yards forward, dealing damage to targets in the way and applying Matriarch’s Touch to them. The ability has a 2-second cooldown and consumes 39 charges.
  • Hive: spends the remaining charges, dealing damage in an area and destroying the weapon, revealing a hive inside. The hive exists for 10 seconds and deals damage with increasing frequency to a random target nearby, applying Swarm to them for 3 seconds. The effect stacks up to three times. The victim of Swarm takes damage for each effect.

The weapon deals twice as much damage to monsters as to immortals.

To take part in The Horror of the Dungeons promotion, open the Event interface (access the Order menu on consoles). For you newer players out there, don’t worry—you’ll unlock these events as you progress through the story!