[XBOX] Promotion: Icy Embrace

Snow, ice, and gray stone — such is the landscape of the northern mountains. Few can appreciate the inhospitable beauty of these places. The harsh climate makes the northern mountains unappealing for tourists and explorers, but that does not stop the occasional expedition into the region in search of new deposits of valuable metals and minerals.

A recent scan yielded unexpected results that excited the scientific community of Aelion, for under a thick layer of stone, a vast ravine was found with fragments of an unknown mechanism littering its floor. According to Flavius, this evidence of material culture might be more than a thousand years old, as the entrance to the cave was obstructed by debris caused by a famous volcanic eruption 800 years ago.

Is this yet another mechanism from the time of the Great God Aeli, or does something more sinister lie beneath the ice? Flavius ​​calls upon Immortals and their brave adepts to help him study the ancient object between now and August 8 — successful scientific apprentices may be rewarded with a rare Artifact...






  • Increases damage by 35%.
  • Increases health by 300%.
  • Increases defense when wounded by 6.
  • Increases the duration of effects that transfer stats 2 times and protects against the subsequent Weariness effect.

To take part in the Icy Embrace Promotion, open the Event interface and choose this Promotion to get started. For you newer players out there, don’t worry—you’ll unlock the ability to take part in these events as you progress through the story!