[Xbox] Promotion: Ocean of Gloom

For decades, Asterius has been trying to find material evidence of the existence of the ancient Briar people. He has heard legends of amazing structures, mysterious forces, and artifacts used by their priests, and hints of mysterious circumstances which caused all members of this group to vanish from the face of Aelion.

However, when a group of scientists was exploring the wilderness on Asterius’ behalf, they discovered several ancient, moss-covered dolmens mounted atop a lone hill. All signs indicate that these stone relics were created by the Briar people, which means that Asterius will be able to learn something about the fate of the disappeared tribe. Several days of painstaking work paid off: the researchers found a hidden entrance, but they could not open the heavy door.

Help a God out! Send your Adepts into inky depths to uncover the mysteries of a lost world in the Ocean of Gloom Promotion, active from now until December 24! The most intrepid Immortals will be rewarded with the Chariot of Light, a marvelous new Combat Vehicle with killer attacks! There are also ominous Dark Relics to be earned - read on to find out more!






Chariot of Light (Combat Vehicle)

  • Shred: Activates the side blades that deal damage to enemies around the vehicle. Each turn of the blades consumes combat vehicle energy.
  • Breakout: After a short pause, the vehicle dashes forward, dealing damage to enemies it hits and tossing them up in the air. During the dash, the machine leaves a trail of fire behind. It deals damage over time to all enemies in the area of effect. The ability has 2 charges. Breakout consumes combat vehicle energy.
  • Clean-Up: Dismounting from the vehicle that consumes combat vehicle energy. At the same time, the machine deals great damage to enemies around it. Over the next few seconds, these blades, previously plunged into the ground, will periodically appear next to nearby enemies, dealing damage to them.


During their expeditions, your Adepts will collect Ominous Seeds, of which 300 can be exchanged for Dark versions of Legendary Relics! These cursed treasures grant amazing bonuses, but they'll also weaken one of your Adept's stats. Use them wisely…

To take part in the Ocean of Gloom Promotion, open the Event interface (access the Order menu).