[Xbox] Promotion: Rise of the Machines

The Mechanoids are a long-standing enemy of Aelion. Many years ago they landed on our planet, and our people have been forced to tolerate their presence ever since. As strange as it may sound, it had a positive impact as well.

It was thanks to the invasion by the Mechanoids that technological progress took place on Aelion. By studying enemies, Flavius made quite a few discoveries and developed technologies that we still use today. After the Dark Times, our progress was back on track.

Plants and factories built at the time have operated for hundreds of years. But recently some of them got attacked. Are the Mechanoids trying to revert our progress back to the start? Or have the Integrator’s minions gone crazy?

While Flavius is searching for an answer, and immortals are fighting off the dangerous enemy, someone has to rescue the scientists trapped inside besieged factories and laboratories.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


The event runs from January 14 to January 28.

Unique Rewards

Divine Spark Generator

The item can be found in the character’s bag. Absorbs Faith required to assume divine form and creates a divine spark nearby. The spark can be picked up by any allied immortal, including you.

Activating the generator has the same limitations as activating your divine form. When an immortal picks up the spark, the duration of their divine form depends on their Temple of Deeds’ development and on the type of the current adventure. If the spark is not used within 15 seconds, it disappears, and the Faith spent on it returns to you. The spark cannot be used by characters who have not yet unlocked their divine form.

Ether Battery

Increases the number of your divine weapon charges by 50.

Exodus Walker

  • Increases the character’s movement speed by 100%;
  • Summon time: 2 seconds;
  • Stamina and Regeneration stats depend on the character's current Prestige.


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Fire Strike Almanac

  • Allows you to remain mounted in combat when riding a Walker;
  • When you dismount, the Walker sets the ground around it on fire, dealing damage over time to enemies in the area of effect for 15 seconds.