Aelion Day 2022

It's time for a celebration! We invite everyone to take part in the Aelion Day event. From April 13 to April 27 on PC, and  April 14 to April 27 on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, immortals remember the glory days of the past, great discoveries and scientific achievements. Have fun, try to unravel new prophecies and, of course, receive new rewards!

You must be used to rescuing mortals by now, but during the celebrations, they say that each mortal rescued increases your chances of receiving a prophecy — an item that contains a mysterious message. Decipher the message and fulfill the conditions it sets, and you will receive Threads of Destiny, which can be exchanged for goods in the Market. Some new goods to keep an eye out for are a new costume, fireworks, cape and jewelry. Among the holiday goods you'll also find rewards from previous holidays: anniversary costumes, mount, stylish holiday masks, and more!

You may hold up to three prophecies at a time and you can sell them to gain new prophecies if you’re struggling with a hard one. There are different levels of prophecy: normal, great, and special. The more normal prophecies you fulfill, the more likely you are to get a great prophecy. Special prophecies are quite rare and give better rewards, and you’ll get one of these each day the event is active as a login bonus!
If you’re struggling to decipher your prophecies, perhaps your fellow Immortals can help you! Join our great community on Discord.

Aelion Day will run for two weeks on each platform. On PC, it will end on April 26, and on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, it will end on April 27.

Note: Nintendo Switch players will be able to get all the rewards except the new ones that were added this year.

Arm your Lightbinder with a new weapon!


If the holiday rewards aren't enough for you, check out our special offer: the new weapon for the Lightbinder! It's already available in the in-game store. The pack also contains valuable currency and consumables that will help you to fight against enemies of Aelion. Discover the new possibilities!