Aelion's Treasure

Future Immortals of Aelion, today we invite you to try your luck at Aelion’s Treasure for a chance to win fantastic prizes!

Each day from November 26th to December 23rd you can participate in our mini-game for a chance to win a Skyforge closed beta key, exclusive souvenirs and amazing prizes from Creative and nVidia!




Pictured above is a gem grid on which twenty-one mystery-gem mystery gems have been placed.

Every day, each user has 7 attempts_number attempts to open as many gems as possible in search of Blue Gem blue gems.

At any time, you can choose to cash in your winnings and receive one of several corresponding prizes listed based on how many gems you’ve collected in a single run. To do this, simply select the applicable prize from the boxes below and click "Pick up”.


During the search you will discover empty and Black Gem black gems as well. Finding an empty gem slot simply consumes one attempt. However, if you discover a black gem, the game is over, and all of your previously discovered gems will be erased. You will need to start your search over from scratch, provided you still have remaining attempts.

If you manage to find an exceedingly rare Rainbow Gem rainbow gem you will automatically win one of our top prizes!

Please Note, attempts do not carry over. Each day you will initially be grated 7 attempts and any previously unused attempts will be discarded.

Every week, the “Top 20” players who’ve found the most Blue Gem blue gems during that week will be posted on the leaderboard and automatically win special gifts!


The full list of prizes are displayed below:

1x Blue Gem - 1 extra attempt.

2x Blue Gem - 2 additional attempts.

3x Blue Gem - 5 additional attempts.

4x Blue Gem - 7 additional attempts.

5x Blue Gem - Beta Key a closed beta key for Skyforge.

6x Blue Gem - Skyforge Souv exclusive Skyforge souvenir gift set.**

7x Blue Gem or 1x Rainbow GemGTX Prize nVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics card!**

** This prize is limited to one per account.

At the end of the contest, players who’ve won physical prizes will be contacted by the Skyforge Community Team for their relevant shipping information.

Weekly TOP-20

The “Aelion’s Treasure” mini-game features a special leaderboard, tracks how many blue gems each player has collected over the course of a week. Every Wednesday at 23:59, CET, the top 20 players who’ve found the most blue gems will be displayed on the leaderboard and will receive an invitation to the closed beta Skyforge! The last day for determining winners will take place on Tuesday, December 23rd.

Each week, the player who placed first in the leaderboard rankings will receive a Sound Blaster EVO ZXR headset!

Still have questions? You can find more answers here.

So don’t delay – Aelion’s Treasure will only be available for 4 weeks! Best of luck!