Aeli’s Challenge – Gods of the Arena


It is once again time to prove your worth and fight valiantly in the Arena! The Gods of the Arena event has begun, and only the best will prevail. Join the PvP arenas and show everyone what you’re capable of!


Of course, we do not expect you to fight for glory alone. If enough PvP battles have been fought by the end of the “Gods of the Arena” event, Aeli’s Blessing will be activated.

Upon Aeli’s Blessing activation, you will receive:

  • 50% more Knowledge of Enemies for killing monsters

  • 50% more Credits for completing adventures

You’ll see the progress of the event on our social media channels at the end of each week. Should you exceed the target goal, Aeli’s Blessing will be extended by one day for each additional 5% reached!

Make sure to visit the Tower of Knowledge in Aelinar and use the Knowledge acquired in battle to increase your Might.

The bonus will be activated on November 6th if players reach the threshold, and will last for a minimum of one week.

Don’t miss this chance to receive more rewards and join other Immortals in the arena!