Aeli’s Weekend Blessing

It seems that the great god Aeli himself gave us his blessing. All Immortals are given more Knowledge of Enemies to strengthen their skills against the Demon army currently invading our beautiful home planet Aelion. So make sure to visit the Tower of Knowledge in Aelinar and use the Knowledge you gained in battle for research to increase your might.

But that’s not all the bonus event is blessing you with. Do you want to grow your order by hosting great rituals? Or maybe you want to go on a shopping haul for the best costumes on the market? Good news everyone! Credits are affected by the bonus as well!


Credits and Knowledge of Enemies drop at a 50% increased rate from adventures during the event.

The Bonus Event will run from today, October 26th to October 29th (10 am CEST). Don’t miss your chance, gear up and give hell to the invaders!