ALERT: The Phytonides Have Landed!

The Celestial Fortress has delivered its warning and Aelion’s citizens have been scurrying to fortify their defenses in preparation as the Phytonides continue to drift closer to our planet. While the enemies that have begun setting foot on our home are intelligent, they do not yet find controlling Aelion to be a challenge – Their herald has not been sighted among the approaching fleet. Phytonides see the inhabitants of Aelion as weak beings incapable of defending against their impending onslaught. Immortals, let’s prove them wrong!


Invasion activities are available to all players upon meeting two conditions. This includes unlocking access to the Divine Form and possessing the resistances required to enter the adventures. Pantheons are the prime source of advancing your resistances beyond the basic levels which has been previously discussed. However, players who lack a Pantheon that has unlocked these assets can acquire Ether Barriers every day of the Invasion through your Order's daily offerings. Each day, your Adepts will grant defensive items along with their regular gifts which provide the basic resistances needed to survive while fending off the Invasionary forces.

Throughout the Invasion’s 12 day span, players are capable of taking up the defense of Aelion in a number of 3, 5, & 10-man adventures. These instances come not only in a variety of scales, but difficulties as well. Difficulty itself can be easily registered through the minimum resistance required to begin an adventure as surviving in these hostile environments is not possible to those lacking the proper shielding. As the Invasion continues, more adventures will become available beyond the initial assault.


If the Immortals return victorious in their defense against the Phytonides, Aelion will enter a Golden Age where all rewards earned will be increased for some time. However, upon failure, the citizen’s morale will fall and a Dark Age will wash over Aelion’s once prosperous land. Invasions are not for the faint of heart and defending Aelion is as challenging as it is rewarding. Hold the line and let not a single one of these unwelcome guests remain!