ALERT: Unknown Vessel Approaching

Update: Something about this report doesn’t seem right. That isn't a Reaper vessel... Please standby.

There is no rest for Aelion’s inhabitants as we gaze towards the skies awaiting the arrival of the Reapers of Death. These ghastly beings descend upon us immediately after successfully fending off the Mechanoid threat that has been bombarding Aelion over the past month. Invasions continue to become a more frequent danger and our ability to achieve tranquility has long since been lost.

With Aelion’s third Invasion fast approaching the severity of the current situation is now within our realm of understanding. These Necromancers are corrupting the balance of life, making servants of the fallen and controlling monstrosities never seen before. Their armies appear limitless and they are prepared to send wave after wave at us until their goals are achieved. Prepare yourselves, Immortals, the Reapers of Death are coming!

Skyforge Reaper Invasion

The Reaper Invasion has been postponed due to an unfortunate misunderstanding that would result in players being unable to make progress in some of the Invasion features, such as Operations and the Reaper Atlas. Due to this, and to allow players to still progress through some of the more interesting aspects of the Invasions, we have replaced the previously scheduled invasion with the Gorgonides. The Reapers will return – Prepare yourselves!