Celebrate Halloween in Skyforge!

Aelion has fallen under a spell! The Divine Observatory and Park have received a suitably spooky festive makeover, there’s magic and mischief afoot throughout the entire world, and a selection of exclusive Halloween costumes are available to unlock. Get ready to discover plenty of treats—and just a few tricks—in Skyforge on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch this Halloween!


Hit the Park and fly a broom for as long as you can to catch awesome rewards in this limited-time event! Other players may try to knock you off with pumpkins, so make sure you don’t get squashed… Visit the Park between 12:00-13:00 and 18:00-22:00 (Server Time) to take part before the Halloween event ends!


Don’t let your guard down while you’re out on your Adventures, you might be attacked by Candy Bandits! They may be sweet by name, but they’re sour to their core. Defeat these saccharine fiends to receive special items, quests, and Candy! You can redeem Candy in the ‘Holidays’ tab in exchange for exclusive Halloween costumes and items before the Halloween event ends.

Ever felt like barking at the moon? If you want to frighten your friends (and better yet, your enemies) with a brand-new, hairy, scary transformation, then don’t miss a new Costume that will become available for PC, PS and Xbox during the second week of the Halloween event — be sure to save some Candy!


Also you can find a mysterious Ghostly Horseshoe in the Market. What is it for, you may ask? Well, it looks spooky so we don't think it’ll bring you luck. It may be even cursed... One thing we can tell you is that the Horseshoe once belonged to a terrifying creature: the Harbinger of Decay. Would you like to ride one? You'll have to work for it! To summon the Harbinger, you must acquire four items that belong to this ghostly horse.

Now you know where the Horseshoe is, but it's up to you to find the Black Saddle, the Sinister Medallion, and the Spiked Bits. Perhaps they were stolen by the Candy Bandits? Or maybe you can get them by beating other Immortals? That's for you to discover!


Halloween festivities will be active in Skyforge from October 19 until November 2 on PC, and from October 20 until November 3 on all other platforms.