Community Contest: On Thin Ice

As we celebrate the holiday season, Aelion is once again host to the Winter Celebration Races! This year, we'll be awarding bonus prizes to the most talented racers.


  • Compete in the Silver Road with the HIGHEST score you can get and submit a screenshot of your ending score to #contest_room. Only your FIRST submission will be considered so if you end up scoring higher later on during the event, please remove your prior submission and submit your new one.
  • Compete in the Ice Arrow Track and win First Place in the race. Post a screenshot of your victory at the finish line (with proof of the "1" for First Place) to #contest_room for your submission.
  • All submissions must include your Server (NA or EU) and platform (PC, PlayStation, or Xbox).
  • Contest will close December 31, 2020 at 23:59 PST in North America, and January 1, 2021 at 08:59 CET in Europe. All submissions must be submitted to #contest_room before then (channel will be locked).
  • Please use your relevant Discord #contest_room for submissions: PC, PlayStation, Xbox


  • SILVER ROAD TRACK: For the Top Scoring Immortal in the Silver Road (1 winner across PC/PlayStation/Xbox): Oceanid Invasion Pass
  • For the Top Scoring Immortals of EACH Platform (3 winners across PC, PlayStation, Xbox): Either the new Gingerbread Costume OR Snow Sleigh Mount. Yes, this means that the top scorer overall will also earn this prize.
  • Participation Prize: Random Drawings from all Scoring Submissions (the amount of winners per platform will depend on total amount of entries received): A Silver Prize Pack (consisting of 100,000 Credits , 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies , and 10 Stimulants)
  • ICE ARROW TRACK: For the First Place Random Drawing Winner (1 winner across PC, PlayStation, Xbox): Oceanid Invasion Pass

Best of luck to all of the racers and enjoy the holidays!