Community Fan-Art Contest

After a fantastic trip to the Role Play Convention in Germany last weekend alongside Erza and Kakao – two highly talented cosplayers representing characters from Revelation Online & Skyforge – we had a lot of fun meeting with players and talking to fans about anything and everything. It is no secret that seeing Skyforge come to life had inspired the upcoming Cosplay contest, yet we don’t want the creativity to stop there!

Starting on June 2nd, we’ll be initiating another contest of creativity that isn’t restricted to cosplay and costumes – the Skyforge Fan-Art contest. This community contest will encompass everyone from the PC and PS4 versions of Skyforge, so no matter which platform you play on, you are more than welcome to take part and showcase your artistic flare for a chance at winning some fabulous prizes!

To be eligible for prizes, all you need to do is show off your very own Skyforge related fan-art via our Facebook or Twitter page using the hashtag “#SkyforgeFanart” before the 15th of June. Simple as that!


Here’s a look at the prizes for 1st to 5th place. Remember, when the time comes, we will be choosing 5 winners per territory (NA/GB/FR/DE) regardless of what platform participants play on.

  • 1st Place: 7 Days Premium, 50 Stimulants, 500 Victor's Medals
  • 2nd Place: 7 Days Premium, 25 Stimulants, 300 Victor's Medals
  • 3rd Place: 7 Days Premium, 10 Stimulants, 200 Victor's Medals
  • 4th Place: 3 Days Premium, 5 Stimulants, 200 Victor's Medals
  • 5th Place: 3 Days Premium, 100 Victor's Medals


  • Only entries submitted to Skyforge’s Facebook or Twitter page before the 14th of June will be eligible for prizes. Entries must use the hashtag “#SkyforgeFanart” and need to mention platform, region and character name.
  • Any and all players are subject to disqualification at any point before, during, and after this competition for violating the Terms of Service or any of our rules of participation.
  • Entries cannot contain any material that violates the Skyforge Code of Conduct, Terms of Service or account Terms of Service.
  • Entries must be submitted as an image or video.
  • Entries will be determined by the subjective judgement of the Skyforge team.
  • Multiple entries can be submitted but only one entry can win per account.

We wish you all the best of luck in the contest and look forward to checking out your upcoming entries!

-The Skyforge Team