Contest: Around the Provinces

It’s time to whip out your passports and begin your adventure through the many provinces in Skyforge. This Holiday season, many people around the world will choose to either stay home or visit far off places for hope of a relaxing getaway.

To be a part of this contest, prepare to travel to the nine provinces of Aelion. This includes visiting the high mountain tops of Artemian and the sandy dunes of Tacit. From November 24th to December 8th, you will decide whether to take an adventure to each province and snapshot one picture from each place!


Contest Rules:

  1. The contest will run from now until December 8th
  2. Visit the 9 provinces; Satria, Pantean Plateau, Linos, Artemian Mountains, Glyceria, Tisiphone, Ballonia, Philomenas, Tacit Dunes
  3. You must post 9 pictures of your Travels in 1 Post, not 9 separate posts.
  4. You must Include which screenshot is from each province (1 picture per province)
  5. You can only enter in one region (You enter in the NA Contest, you can’t submit to the EU Contest)
  6. Be as creative as you can (Capture yourself as if you are on a vacation in that province)


Rank Rewards
1st Title: World Traveler
Trophy Hunter Packs
2nd Scourge of the Virds Pack
3rd Blessing of Naori Pack


Once you finish your travels, you will submit your 9 travel shots of Aelion on the forums and the 3 winners will be considered “World Traveler of Aelion” and win some amazing rewards.

Contest Reminders:

• Graphic, obscene or any other questionable content will not be considered. The same applies for content violating any Skyforge regulations, EULA, rules etc.  

• The winners will be picked by the Skyforge team.  

• By submitting your screenshot, you grant Skyforge all rights to use, edit and distribute the image.  


These rules may be changed or amended at any time.