Contest: Name The Race

While walking around Aelion, how often have you looked up and paid attention to the stars? It’s possible to see a Celestial stronghold encircling the planet, and directly beyond it the huge dark ball that is Thea, Aelion’s moon. Every Aelion Resident knows the story of how the great god Aeli saved the planet from a collision with the moon, yet even Flavius himself had no idea that the moon is actually habitable, at least not until recently.

The Divine Observatory has received its first report from the Thea-1 station. The satellite has observed an enemy! Intelligence reports the presence of Mechanoid forces in several sectors of the moon near the Templars' station. It seems they never expected our appearance on Thea and did not have time to prepare – their base and all the related infrastructure currently has no protection system. Nevertheless, there are large combat Mechanoid and Korg forces concentrated there, so they must not be underestimated.


Type-1 Thea Mechanoid

There is also some kind of intelligent life on the moon that looks very much like the Mechanoids. This species cannot be attributed to the known classes of robots or cyborgs. The most incredible thing is that the Thea aborigines do not interact with the Integrator troops and pay no attention to Aelion itself, preferring to stick to certain areas of habitation.

The chief officer's report noted that "These crazy burrowers spend most of their time in the bowels of Thea. Aeli only knows what they are up to there and how many more of them there might be!" Any day now the next group of researchers is expected with a new supply of equipment to develop the large Aelerium-9 field, on which the Templars' station is currently located.


Type-2 Thea Mechanoid

The next report on the expedition is expected very soon. Researchers have not yet named the new species and invite you lend your ideas.

Attention, competition!

Imagine you have just stepped onto Thea to the sight of these nameless creatures standing right before you – you may have the honor of choosing a name for this newly discovered race!
Leave your suggestions by March 9th, 23:59 CET in this thread, and, perhaps, your suggestions will be selected for the game!


  • 2x 1st15,000 Argents each
  • 2x 2nd5,000 Argents each
  • 2x 3rd5,000 Argents each


  • Think up a name for both types of creature presented above.
  • The names must be one word of no more than 20 characters.
  • Each participant can submit one name per language for each type of creature.
  • Publish your suggestions in this topic by March 9th, 23:59 CET and await the results!
  • We will announce the authors of the 2 most original names per language on March 10th.

The real reward is that the best sounding, most memorable names suggested by one or several contestants could end up in the game itself. Good luck!

-The Skyforge Team