Contest Winners: Mount Madness

As part of “The Mount Madness” contest, we asked the community to design their perfect mount. Having thoroughly tested the probability of all designs (with varying degrees of success and injury), we humbly thank everyone for taking part in our latest community contest!


Without further ado, here are our winners!

1st: Kiki Twinstars

Cryo's Crystal Wing


2nd: Overlord Zenon

The Mechatide X-1


3rd: Hendi Wijayanto

MechFish Patrol Bike


4th to 6th

Left: 4th: Kelemvor Ossur with the Celerity's Tooth / Middle: 5th: Storm Glory with the Jet Bike / Right: 6th: Alphonse Krane with the Winger Shoes

EN4-2 EN5 EN6

7th to 10th

1st picture: 7th: Terran Renalis with the DYNAMOSAURS! / 2nd picture: 8th: Diana Killer with Glorious Bear Mount / 3rd Picture: 9th: Hyper Queen with the "Beauty in the eye of the beholder" / 4th Picture: 10th: Sparky Gallanoil with Heart of Oceanoid Enchanter

EN7 EN8 EN9 EN10

  • IMPORTANT: If you are on the winners list, don't forget to post your preferred costume colour (1st-10th), and mount choice (1st-3rd) in the winners thread!


Congratulations to all of our winners and we hope to see you again in our next community contest!