Contest Winners: Tell a Fairy Tale

From Little Red Riding Hood to Beauty & The Beast and beyond, we’ve had the pleasure of reading a bountiful collection of Fairy Tales retold within the world of Aelion. Each one has proved to be endlessly entertaining and the community’s creative capacity knows no bounds!

For those that may be unaware, in our recent Tell a Fairy Tale Contest we asked our communities to crack open their most beloved Fairy Tales and recreate them within Skyforge through the use of storytelling and screenshots.


As a reminder, the winners will receive the following rewards within two weeks!

Winner Rewards
Rank 1 Aelinet Title (Storyteller)
3,000 Victor's Medals
5 Golden Spheres
1,000 Improved Ether Cores
Rank 2 Aelinet Title (Storyteller)
2,000 Victor's Medals
3 Golden Spheres
750 Improved Ether Cores
Rank 3 Aelinet Title (Storyteller)
1,500 Victor's Medals
1 Golden Sphere
500 Improved Ether Cores
Rank 4-7 Aelinet Title (Storyteller)
1,000 Victor's Medals
40 Improved Temporal Compensators
300 Improved Ether Cores
Rank 8-10 Aelinet Title (Storyteller)
500 Victor's Medals
20 Improved Temporal Compensators
150 Improved Ether Cores

Without further delay, here are our finalists!


Averie Wish, Bentai Shushu and Jaina Sky with the Fairy Tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" (Skyforge Edition)

Rank 1

Second: Kymera Gygax, Krackar Jack and Lady Shadelli featuring Cinderella Goes to Isabella
Third: Kiki Twinstars, Lala Twinstars, and Che Rubik featuring Little Red Riding Hood
Fourth: Jaqen Sardothien, Aelin Sardothien and Sacru Edur featuring Beauty and the Beast
Fifth: Pewpewpew Pewpew, Lily Moomew, and Cursed Sevenfold featuring The Snow Queen
Sixth: Sergei Flavius, Meshugenah Lcaim, and Sandy Cortex featuring Maleficent's Revenge
Seventh: Cold Clown with the Three Little Pigs
Eighth: Seductorious Queen and Fearret Logan with The Khelp Prince


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FR Submissions

Congratulations to all of our winners and we hope to see you again in our next community contest!