Days of Glory 2024 Begins!

The Park has been decorated specially for the Days of Glory event, where you can learn more about Aelion’s military prowess and technology, as well as the history behind the great battle that Ianna led against the Mechanoids. Participate in the event by defeating phantom Mechanoids and testing your skills in battle simulations to get rewards.

Earn new costumes, Exoskeleton Modules, and lot more! Please note: rewards on Switch will differ from those on other platforms. Visit the Market to see which great costumes, cosmetics, and mounts are available during the event.


Many Mechanoids fell in battle for Aelinar. These events leave their mark: every year, ghosts come back in hopes of taking revenge on the immortals. Look for them in Squad, Group, and Invasion adventures. Eliminate the ghosts and receive Ether Trace Particles. You can exchange this resource for costumes, accessories, and mounts in the Market.

When eliminating phantoms, you have a chance to receive a Phantom Trophy and unlock special headwear, costumes, or an epic relic for adepts that increases all their stats by 2. The trophy can also bring you a special item that unlocks a holiday quest.



You may receive a letter during the event which will take you on a quest to seek intel on what happened to an Aelion intelligence officer. You can earn Universe Conqueror Armor, a new Adept for your order, and complete a special challenge. Note: if you have completed this quest line in a previous Days of Glory event, you cannot do so again.


Think you’re good enough to face elite Mechanoid units? Go to the special simulation arena created by Elder Gods and pit your skills against the holographic copies of these dangerous enemies. Speak with Ianna to learn more about the war games, then start the fight using the special terminal in the city park.

You will face six opponents: each has normal and deadly difficulty levels. The bosses are stronger and more cunning on deadly difficulty, and there will also be various modifiers that will make the fight even more challenging!