Demon Invasion: new information discovered!

A battle with demons invading from Sarnaut is raging throughout Aelion. It is critical for all immortals to understand in detail the nature of demons, and the first reports from Flavius' research teams are coming in.

Demons are astral creatures – conceived, as far as we know, in worlds broken apart by astral. Astral is an atmosphere that is considered to be a disease of space itself, in which the regular laws of physics are altered, making astral deadly for pretty much any being from this Universe – except for Demons. Astral can be found in space in the form of giant clouds, left from the creation of the Universe. It can also accumulate inside planets, in areas with large disruptions of ether. Relatively small quantities of astral cannot damage a planet and will simply disperse over time, under the pressure of the surrounding matter.

Large quantities of astral can be manipulated for creation or destruction, although very few creatures are capable of exploiting its power. Unfortunately, demons use it to "infect" and erode reality, not for creation. A single demon would be able to destroy an entire planet if left alone, although it would take millions of years to do so... but an army of demons has the potential to turn the entire Universe into astral!

Demons in action

Demon types


In contrast to regular creatures, demons can merge together to gain power and intelligence. Imps are the simplest and most abundant form of demons. They can only infect areas where matter exists in the form of gas, as well as with sufficient free form ether – such places are rich in magic and astral is present nearby. Imps cannot do anything outside these boundaries. Like stronger demons, imps feel the "pressure of reality" even when they take a physical form. They are uncomfortable when they stray away from the astral and will weaken to the point of death if they are kept away from it for prolonged periods.


Aggressors originate from two demons merging together within the astral. Like imps, they can only infect gaseous matter, but they do not need free ether as the presence of astral alone is sufficient. Aggressors are considered smarter than imps as they are better at assessing any threats to their "job" of infecting reality. They are also stronger and, like all other demons, they are unable to communicate in any way other than combat (even if it would be in their own interests).


The Furies are true destroyers of reality. Furies are made up of five demons, united into a single essence and receiving one body. They pour out astral acid - a substance that eats away at matter and reality, gradually turning it into astral. These demons do not need any magic or the proximity of astral to thrive. They can technically pour astral acid anywhere, but it is much more effective in proximity to a large source of astral where it will not evaporate. Furies, like all other demons, are rarely found far away from the astral, which is the source of their escape into reality. They can supervise junior demons, but more often than not they team up with their own kind.


The strongest and most dangerous known form of regular demons is the Octhulhu. It takes dozens of demons to create one - its strength and intellect will depend on how many demons were merged together. While their power can widely vary, they almost always adopt the very same horrifying appearance. What's more, they can lead and coordinate all other types of demons, making them dangerous strategists. Like other demons, they are not capable of any kind of communication with creatures from our reality.

Demon Invasion 2

This is all we know for the moment, though we're sure to learn more about the origin of the demon army as Flavius and his task force continue their research. When the time comes to meet the Avatar, all Immortals must be ready!