Design a new demon!


While we are waiting for the arrival of Nihaz's army, we ask you to come up with a new enemy that you yourself would like to fight. No, it won't be added to the game in the near future, but the immortals of Aelion are famous for their ideas. Let's see if you can surpass Sarn himself!

As you know, demons were created by the demiurge Sarn who was imprisoned by his ancient enemy Nihaz in the prison world. While Nihaz was able to bend the demons to his will, he had no ability to create life and could only use what his rival Sarn had already created.

A lot of time has passed since then, and Sarn has probably managed to create new creatures in hopes of breaking out of captivity. What other types of demons could appear in the game? Describe them, tell us about their special abilities, make a sketch, and send your ideas to the #contests channel in our Discord (PC, PS4, Xbox) — and you may win 20,000 Argents.


Contest Rules

  • Create a new enemy from the army of demons, describe its characteristics, skills, and make a sketch of its appearance. You don't need to draw a complete picture, just a simple sketch or references will be enough.
  • The work will be judged on the following: the originality of the idea, the details of the description, the reasoning behind its abilities, and the draft version of its appearance.
  • Post your idea on Discord (PC, PS4, Xbox) until September 20, 23:59 CEST (2:59 p.m. PDT).
  • We accept up to three entries from one player.
  • Entries must not violate the Game Rules, Community Rules, User Agreement, and the laws of the country.
  • The results will be announced a few days after the submission deadline.
  • Authors of three best ideas will receive 20,000 Argents!

Submit an entry (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Good luck!