Easter Hunt Winners

Easter is long gone but we still have unfinished business with this mysterious rabbit. We invited our community to take part in our Easter Hunt contest which consisted of a scavenger hunt across Facebook and our website as well as the opportunity to decorate some fantastic Skyforge themed eggs!

We’ve collected all the entries, chosen our favorites, and picked the winners out of our novelty Easter hats! Without further delay, here are our fantastic winners!

Facebook – Hidden Bunnies

You had the chance to win 3 days of premium time by finding the hidden eggs and bunnies in any of the posted pictures we provided on Facebook. The correct answer: 7 eggs and 3 bunnies in each image. Now let's see if Lady Fortune has favored you, shall we?

Winners of this portion were randomly chosen from all valid entries. Premium time will be added directly to your accounts!

Skyforge Easter Facebook 1 Skyforge Easter Facebook 2 Skyforge Easter Facebook 3

Aelinet – Egg Decorating

FIRST PLACE: Amythae River


Eggs 3 Bunny 1 Eggs 1 Bunny 2 Eggs 2

Setting up this contest was a blast and we hope to see you again in our next community contest!