Final Stage of the Battle of Equals

Update 8/18/2016: The Schedule has been finalized! All participants please check the ​Battle of Equals Tournament Page or the relevant thread in the Battle of Equals Registration Forum.

The qualification stage is over and we’re nearing the final fight to be crowned top of the Battle of Equals! Only the 16 strongest teams will meet in the final stage, each one continuing to fight until they are defeated.

Battle of Equals matches can be witnessed in game: combat takes place on the main server! Do not miss out on the chance to watch, comment on, or even broadcast the final battles, which will be available in the Community tab (Y key) in the Matches section.

Winners will receive the title of “First Among Equals”, as well as unique visual effects around their character. Even the youngest immortals will easily be able to see when they have one of the bravest PvP fighters on the server before them!

How can I apply to participate in the final?

All players that are qualified to participate in the tournament (having at least completed 10 Battle of Equals qualifying matches, thereby being given a rating) can sign up for the final.

  • Step 1. The team captain should follow the instructions of the “stickied” thread within on the Battle of Equals Registration Forum with the all requested information BEFORE August 14th.

  • Step 2. When the registration closes, the top 16 teams will be sorted from all entries and be placed into the tournament roster.

  • Step 3. Final participants will be announced & confirmed on the tournament website, along with the times for each match. Finals will take place on August 20th & August 21st.

  • Step 4. Players will attend at the required times, with no-shows being considered a disqualification & a loss.


  • Once registration is complete, the team application will be sent for verification and you can no longer make changes. To edit player data after this step, captains will have to contact members of staff directly.

  • If any player does not meet the requirements of the tournament or is blocked at that time, the entire team may be disqualified from the tournament.



  • How will I know if my team has been selected to take part in the final stage?
    We will announce the selected participants a few days prior to the start of the final.

  • Can you take part in the tournament if you do not have a full team or do not have a team at all?
    Only complete teams with a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 4, including a reserve player, can take part in the tournament.

  • Can players be from different Pantheons?

  • Will the battle take place on a separate server?
    No, you will play with your characters on the main server in a separate arena, which will only be accessible to tournament participants.

  • Will all my team members receive prizes if we win? Even the reserve player?
    Yes, prizes are given to all team members.

  • Can I take part if my account is blocked?

  • How are the finalists selected?
    The 16 teams with the highest total rating will reach the final. Once the list of teams has been confirmed, there will be a draw, and the final schedule of battles will be published on the tournament website.

  • What format will the battles have?
    Single Elimination. Teams are paired up, and then only the winning teams will move to the next stage. Players that lose will no longer be in the final. If a team fails to show up for a battle, a technical defeat will be announced.

  • Can you take part in a 3 v 3, while the final stage is underway?
    Yes, of course. You will still get the usual rewards.

We look forward to witnessing the final battles!