The Gods of the Arena


It's time to prove your worth!

You might remember the Arena we held earlier this year, "Gods of the Arena" works in similar fashion. Participate in PVP battles, earn points and climb the ranks!

The Gods of the Arena puts players against other players in a region-wide match-off to see, which among them have the wit and power to dominate!


Immortals can compete for points in the Battle of Equals, Massive Battles and the Lugran Research Base.

The arena opens its doors October 18th, and closes them on November 5th, at 12:00PM CEST (3am PDT). To discover more about the event, and how points will be awarded, please visit the official arena page for more information. Don't forget to grab your enlistment prize of 4000 Argents.


Becoming a champion in the arena is simple: get enough points. Earn points to climb levels and even more to reach the Top-100 and Top-10 ranks. Players will have a set of 10 levels that they can climb. Each level acts as a point threshold with a special reward attached to it. The higher the level, the more exclusive the reward.

Note: If you received the Scarlet Biohazard Costume in the past,
the Level 4 reward won't be eligible to you since you already own that costume.

Where will your competitive edge take you? How far do you believe you'll go? Tell us on Facebook or on Twitter with the tag #GodsOfTheArena!

Show Aelion what you're made of!