The Gorgonides Launch their Sneak Attack!

We do not yet know the full capabilities that Gorgonide technology holds, but what we do know is clear – They cannot be underestimated. Using some form of manipulation they were able to easily disguise their ship during its approach towards Aelion, resulting in the incorrect fortifications being constructed and much panic amongst our troops. Our initial assessment is that this is a result of the potential pact formed between the Reapers and the Gorgonides, as reports of the two factions congregating have been provided from our contacts in Veines.

As Aelion’s citizens hastily prepare what little they can following the Gorgonides successful subterfuge, we call upon all Immortals to do the same! Gorgonides are still somewhat of a mystery to us, arriving on our home with technology that is completely foreign, even to the brilliant mind of Flavius. Even so, allowing their plans to reach fruition is far from acceptable. Prove their plan was for naught and force these invaders off Aelion!

Skyforge Invasion Gorgonide

The Reaper Invasion has been postponed due to an unfortunate misunderstanding that would have resulted in players not being able to make progress on many of the Invasion features including Operations and the Reaper Atlas. Due to this, and to allow players to still progress through some of the more interesting aspects of the Invasions, we have replaced the previously scheduled invasion with the Gorgonides. The Reapers will return – Prepare yourselves!