Great Mother Bounty Hunt


Tessa is preparing a ritual to bestow Aeli's Blessing upon the defenders of Aelion! To complete her tribute, however, the souls of 1400 Great Mothers in the Veines Phytonide Region are required to call upon his blessing. Seek them out!

Beginning on the 14th of May and ending on May 28th, players have two weeks to overcome this obstacle, for the good of Aelion!

Challenge: Kill as many Great Mothers as you can. Every Great Mother kill (Genlisea, Dionaea, Nepenthes and Sarracenia) will be counted across all platforms -- Xbox, PS4 and PC-- towards the 1400 threshold; a Skyforge first!


Reward Kills
Costume 1400
2 Days of Aeli's Blessing 1600
4 Days of Aeli's Blessing 1800
6 Days of Aeli's Blessing 2000
8 Days of Aeli's Blessing 2200
10 Days of Aeli's Blessing 2400
12 Days of Aeli's Blessing 2600
14 Days of Aeli's Blessing 2800

All participating players that add to our Great Mother counter will earn the coveted -- and exclusive -- Yellow Phytomorph Costume! Greater rewards will be awarded with greater kills. To unlock these rewards, refer to the Reward / Kills chart above, and kill that many Great Mothers!

If you have been away -- this would be a good time to revisit Aelion and experience the latest content the overgrowth update has to offer. Be sure to grab a Grovewalker and have it ready for Tessa when the challenge is complete, and Aeli's Blessing is released!