Halloween 2019

The spookiest holiday on Aelion is starting –– put on your scary costumes, play tricks on people, have fun, and earn rewards. Evil Pumpkin Festival will run from October 24 to November 7!

New items in the Market

You will find many seasonal items that can be purchased with candies. Take a look at the Holidays section: we have spooky costumes, mysterious and scary headwear, incredible fireworks, unique emotes, and even a new vehicle!

Flapping Wings Pack

Collect candies and exchange them for the new Flapping Wings Pack. Equip this unusual costume and join the masquerade. In the Warden of Element Attire, you will certainly be noticed!


Don’t know where to get candies? It’s easy –– just have fun and don't be afraid!

Candy bandits and their caches

In your adventures, you may run into Candy Bandits. While the name is hardly scary, a Candy Bandit may turn out to be a formidable enemy. Defeat them, and you will receive candies and candy wrappers –– fragments of a map that will lead you to the treasure hidden in the park.


Pumpkin Horror!

Want to get a whole lot of candy at once? Just go to the city park — it doesn’t get easier than that!

Every day from 12:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00, one riding broom and several pumpkins will appear in the park. You know where to find the pumpkins, but not the broom. Look for Pumpkin Festival Vision in Candy Bandits' caches –– it will highlight the broom’s location when you activate it. The effect will disappear once you mount the broom. To get it again, you will have to find another Pumpkin Festival Vision.



As soon as the broom appears, all players in the park will receive a dedicated notification. Your objective will be to be the first to find the broom, mount it and make off to a safe place, evading the crowds of competitors. Additionally, mounted heroes will be able to throw special pumpkins that add a fear effect on their targets. Fun like no other!

Didn't manage to reach the precious objective? Then let no one else have it! Grab the first pumpkin you can lay your hands on and throw it at the cocky immortal that dared steal the broom that is yours by law. After all, you saw it first! A couple of well-aimed shots and that upstart is back on the ground, and the broom is free once more!

You will receive 25 pieces of candy for every 5 seconds you spend on the broom. And if you manage to hold on to it for more than a minute, you will also be rewarded for completing the daily quest. Another way to receive that reward is to hit the broom rider with five pumpkins.

Let us point out that you will receive more rewards for riding the broom than for throwing pumpkins. After all, you receive rewards both for the daily quest and a bonus for holding on to your "mount."

By the way, all players that completed any of the daily quests will not be able to ride the broom until next day. But they will be able to pellet the broom riders as much as they want. Isn't that nice?

Trick or Treat?


The Trick or Treat Page returns this year with a chance to get rewards every day! If you are not easily scared, knock on the doors and see if you get a treat or get tricked! Some doors could spook the godly halo from your head!


The Skyforge Trick or Treat page will be online from today until November 7. You will be able to open one door per day.

Symphony of the Night Pack

Want to scare your friends and stand out from the crowd? Purchase the Symphony of the Night Collector's Pack! Get a unique costume, new emote, and Victor's Medals! Dress like a Dark Lord or a Dark Lady and scare your friends!


Halloween is here! Trick or treat?