Join the Evil Pumpkin Festival!

The leaves are beginning to change their colors, the nights are becoming darker, and a certain chill lingers in the air. That can only mean one thing – Halloween is right around the corner!

Starting from October 21st until November 4th, get ready for some delicious treats with our Witchcraft Packs and the Evil Pumpkin Festival!

The Evil Pumpkin Festival

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for all of Aelion and, to celebrate such a ghoulish occasion, the Divine Observatory and the Park have been revamped with a frenzy of pumpkins!

Aelion’s spooky season starts on October 21st and lasts until November 4th!

During our Halloween Festivities, you will be able to take part in multiple challenges and adventures to earn candies. These precious candies can then be exchanged for Halloween items in the Event section of the Market.

  • Complete the Halloween ritual for a mountain of candy and surprise pumpkins! A chain of 8 quests and repeatable daily quests await.
  • The first Candle versus Candle game! Hurry to the Park from 12:00 to 1:00 PM and 6:00 to 10:00 PM to partake in a little mischief.
  • Complete a candy promotion adventure and defeat one of the candy bandits to loot more sweets and tempting treats.

Now the treats! During Halloween, you can exchange your candies for unique and chilling costumes such as Pumpkin Hat, Talking Hat, Skeleton Costume, Ghost Costume and Mummy Costume.

Want to know more about the event and costumes? Check out The Evil Pumpkin Festival Guide!

Skyforge Halloween Costume 3

Don’t forget to try out the new dances respectively bound to the Skeleton costume, the Ghost costume and the Mummy Costume : Equip your spooky costume and find your new dance through the Social Panel (G key).

If you’re a collector (and a wannabe dancer), you’ll love our Surprise Pumpkins! Beneath the fountain of candies, you may also find unique variations for our Halloween costumes. Start smashing pumpkins now!

Skyforge Halloween Costume 1

The Witchcraft Packs

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time-limited Witchcraft packs which come in three variations – The Pandora Box, the Dark Mistress Pack & the Grey Ghost Pack.

Celebrate Halloween in style with 2 new unique dances, respectively bound to the Red Skeleton costume and Grey Ghost costume!
Out of stamina? These Collector’s Editions will also grant you in-game items, useful to younger and older Immortals alike!

Grey Ghost Pack Dark Mistress Pack The Pandora Box
- Grey Ghost costume
- Premium account for 30 days
- 8,000 Replicators
- 3,500 Ethereal cores (Green)
- 15 Surprise Pumpkins
- Instant Access to the Witch class
- Red Skeleton costume
- Legendary weapon and Epic offhand
- 25,000 Argents
- 1,000 Enhancement stones (Rank 1)
- 4,000 Replicators
- 2,000 Victor’s medals
- Dark Mistress Pack
- Grey Ghost Pack

To view the complete details or to purchase the Witchcraft Packs, visit our dedicated Witchcraft Packs Page.

Skyforge Halloween Costume 2

Both the Evil Pumpkin Festival and the The Witchcraft Packs will only be around until November 4th, so don’t resist the temptation of those delicious caramel sweets for too long!