King's ransom is here!


Imagine a vacation on Naori Island: warm sand, a cool breeze, and a fragrant cocktail on a beach. Is there anything that can make this moment even better? A pile of Argents and a complete collection of generation 13 legendary weapons, of course. There is a unique game on Aelion: King's Ransom. Participate, earn rewards, and compete for the Triumph grand prize: 100 000 Argents!

The rules are simple: just open the card and take the treasures hidden in it!


Go to the Market (the N key) and get your King's Ransom!

Triumph's size and names of the lucky winners are displayed on the right side of the screen. The luckiest will get a big prize! 100 000 is just the starting amount of Triumph. It will be increased by 100 Argents for every 5 tickets purchased by players. Who knows, perhaps the amount will reach 300 000, 500 000, or even a million Argents?!

And once a player wins the grand prize, the game starts again, and the amount will return to its starting value. Magic cards can earn you Triumph or one of the following rewards:

permament Random generation 13 legendary weapon (permanent) spark1 Sparks of Frugality
temporary Random generation 13 legendary weapon (temporary) spark2 Sparks of Perfection
pack Random pack spark3 Sparks of Luck
stim Euphomine Stimulant spark4 Sparks of Memory
alpha Alpha Euphomine Stimulant medals Victor's Medals
koe Knowledge of Enemies argents Argents
credits Credits


When you participate in King's Ransom, you can win a random generation 13 legendary weapon, packs and more.

The prize will appear in the character's bag. You can sell the item for 10 000 credits or activate it for 24 hours. The timer keeps running when you log out. When this period ends, the weapon will disappear from the bag or equipment list.

All temporary weapons have an additional effect: a 30% chance that the Integrity of received equipment will be 20% higher.

The number of magic cards that can be opened by one player is not limited. Play big!

The event runs until 23:59 on 07.05.2018.

May Fortune smile on you!