Law and Order

Back in the old days, when Aeli was still around, organized gangs would rarely form on Aelion... Today, the Mob isn't just a story Ianna tells to scare young mortals (and some Immortals) who dare not follow her decisions. Besides the direct danger posed by enemy fire, citizens are begging immortals and gods to face the worst gangsters and criminals in Aelion!

Starting today, on October 14th at 12:00pm PDT and running until October 28th, the Law and Order promotional event comes to Aelion - so help us sweep the whole capital of its felons, street by street.

Skyforge Law and Order 1

Any immortal that has reached 2050 Prestige and has their own order (L key) can take part in this event. Fortunately, you do not have to take this challenge on by yourself as your adepts will patrol the streets for you and assist in catching lawbreakers!
As a living symbol of what true courage looks like, the bravest of the brave will receive the Glider Patrol mount and the exclusive Guard Costume!

The new Law & Order promotional event helps bring peace to the streets of Aelion, as well as many rewards for those who participate:

  • Combat Consumables
  • Ammo and Supplies
  • Holy Texts
  • Victor's Medals (can be exchanged for Optimizers)
  • Spark Replicators
  • Special Enhancement Stones for equipment,
  • Guard licenses,
  • Particles of Mastery (deducted from the cap),
  • Extra point of progress on the scale for receiving guaranteed prizes.

In addition, other prizes include a Prisoner Robe, a Guard Helmet, and even a Guard Hat can be obtained! Guard licenses for the Law and Order promotional event can be earned through adventures or by purchasing them from the Market.

Skyforge Law and Order 2

Rules of Participation

The promotion ends on October 28th. Good Luck!