March of Knowledge Now Live, Mysteries of Love Event & Love Packs!

We’re happy to announce that March of Knowledge is now live and available for download!
All players may begin updating their client to experience all of the new changes Skyforge has to offer:

The Skyforge team is happy with the progress that has been made, the community’s feedback, and the support we’ve received as the game’s development continues! Now let’s get to the fun part!

The Mysteries of Love Event

As we yearn for warmer weather, the hearts of Aelion’s citizens also find themselves searching the for fiery passion of their past. Love is in the air – Form your own relationships, confront your new found admirers, play matchmaker, and more during the Mysteries of Love Event!

Aelion’s Mysteries of Love Event starts on February 11th and will last until March 9th!

During our Valentine themed festivities, you will be able to take part in multiple activities and adventures to earn Rose Quartz. These heartfelt tokens can be exchanged for Mysteries of Love items in the Event section of the Market.

  • Flavius has attempted to reprogram some of the Phytonides with questionable results. Confront your greatest challenge yet and politely decline the advances of a swooning Dryad!
  • Play the role of cupid, ensuring the correct people fall in love or take the direct control over one man’s relationship by deciding which woman in his life is best choice!
  • Show your affection while seeing just who shares the same feelings with in-game Valentine Cards!

These are but a handful of the activities that will be available during the Event. The full details of the event can be read in the Mysteries of Love Guide on the Aelinet.

Mysteries of Love Event

Need more love in your life? Check out our dedicated Mysteries of Love!

Love Packs

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the time-limited Love Packs which come in three variations – Kinetic Pack, Monk Pack, and the Love Pack Combo.

Do you wish to walk the path of the reunited lovers? Potentially you merely seek to rekindle your passion for destruction or find tranquility? Regardless of what waits in store, we’ve got instant access to the Kinetic & Monk Classes, unique costume colorations, and new Valentine Wings to help you reach your goals!

Kinetic Pack Monk Pack Love Pack Combo
Instant access to the Kinetic Class Instant access to the Monk Class Kinetic Pack
Unique Kinetic Costume Color Unique Monk Costume Color Monk Pack
Unique Aelinet Title Unique Aelinet Title
Legendary Mainhand &
Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
Legendary Mainhand &
Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
30 Days Premium Account Status Cupid wings
500,000 Credits 25,000 Argents
5,000 Spark Replicators 3,000 Victor’s medals
2,500 Ethreal Cores 1,000 Holy Texts

To view the complete details or to purchase the Love Packs, visit our dedicated Love Packs page.