Mysteries of Love: Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Aelion is now full of the most powerful magic in the world — the magic of love! The long-awaited Mysteries of Love event has begun, bringing many fun events and special rewards. Reunite star-crossed lovers, rebuff romantic advances from rogue monsters, and share the love in Skyforge this Valentine's Day!


The things we do for love… Three lovely quests return for the Mysteries of Love event, with rewards and special currency available upon completion of each!

  • Beautiful and Dangerous: Every day between 9:00-13:00 and 18:00-22:00 (Server Time adheres to CET for EU servers and PT for US and Xbox servers), a flower show is held in the park. Unfortunately, a few unfriendly plants are hiding among the regular ones. They are really dangerous for mortals, and your help is needed. Defend the Park from flowery invaders and earn event currency!
  • Dark Side of Love: Flavius has been experimenting with Dryads, but one subject of an experiment went out of control. The subject became suspiciously partial to an immortal. Don't be surprised if you receive bouquets of hostile flowers — the Phytonides strangely express their feelings. Defeat them to receive mysterious trophies and messages from the poor Dryad.
  • Messenger of Love: Everyone wants to love and be loved, but wishes and reality don't always line up. Some do not dare to admit their feelings, and others do not see their destiny, which can be very close at hand. Thais, the goddess of love, can change this, but she needs your help. Become master of destiny — help mortals to find their true love!

These quests all reward you with Rose Quartz, a Valentine’s currency that can be redeemed in the Market for exclusive rewards.


Use your Rose Quartz to get rewards from the Market, including new Costumes, Wings, and other cosmetics! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Arboreal Wings: Spring is near, show everyone its beauty!
  • Wedding Costume: The best outfit for Valentine's Day!
  • Preppy Costume: An elegant suit that will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Formal Clothes/Cocktail Dress: The most suitable outfit for an evening walk under the stars.
  • Summer Costume: Share your warmth!

The number and type of rewards may vary depending on the platform. Start questing to earn Rose Quartz, and check out the Market to see everything that’s on offer!


If you’re looking for love, everyone’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed Immortal. This Valentine’s Day, dress to impress with a burning hot selection of Packs containing the clothes you need to transform into a dashing Casanova or a seductive siren!

The Mysteries of Love event is active in Skyforge from February 9. You can’t hurry love, but be sure to play before March 1 to see everything it has to offer!